FELLOWSHIP HOLDERS 2022 Firstpresentation


First presentation of the 2022 fellowship holders and concert

Kathrin Bach, Jennifer Clews,
Sasha Kurmaz and Jana De Troyer

Sunday, 5 June 2022 – 3.00 p.m.

in the Stadtgalerie Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

5 June – 3 July 2022

Welcoming Speech:
Ingrid Bussmann, Chairwoman

Ensemble Reflexion K und Jana De Troyer

Jana De Troyer – Composition, Saxophone, Electronics
Beatrix Wagner – Flute
Delphine Gauthier-Guiche – Horn
Gerald Eckert – Violoncello

Kathrin Bach reads from „Lebensversicherung“

Marita Landgraf, Artistic director

Entrance free

First presentation 2022 – Photos: Jennifer Clews

Photo: Julia Vogel

Kathrin Bach (*1988, Wiesbaden) receives the literary fellowship to work on her project “Lebensversicherung” (“Life Insurance”), a partly fictional, partly autofictional collage of lyrical prose. The first-person narrator, who comes from an insurance salesman’s family in provincial West Germany, suffers from an anxiety disorder. The story links typically German elements such as “German Angst” and the West German insurance system and combines psychological aspects with pop cultural references.
Kathrin Bach studied literary writing in Hildesheim from 2008-2014. She lives and works in Berlin.

Kathrin Bach, Reading, 2022 – Photos: Jennifer Clews

Jana-De-Troyer-Stipendiatin 2022-Foto-Felix-Mayer

Photo: Felix Mayer

In her new work complex “New Intimacy”, composer Jana De Troyer (*1994 in Ghent) traces the human need for intimacy and connection. What does this mean in a world characterised by virtual friendships, swiping, social distancing and constant accessibility? What is meant by intimacy these days? In an inaugural concert for the first presentation of the 2022 fellowship holders, she will give an insight into her compositional work together with the Ensemble Reflexion K from Eckernförde.
Jana De Troyer studied contemporary saxophone and composition. She often collaborates with composers, musicians and artists from other disciplines such as visual arts, dance and programming. She lives and works in Hamburg.

Ensemble Reflexion K and Jana De Troyer, Concert, 2022 – Photos: Jennifer Clews

Jana De Troyer, Putzzwang (2021) for cleaning staff and live electronics, 2022 – Photos: Jennifer Clews


Who are the current residents at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and what are they working on? Information about the exhibition is available by phone.

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Jennifer-Clews Stipendiatin 2022

Jennifer Clews (*1991 in Glasgow) explores in her multimedia works the relationship between real and imagined space by playing with two and three dimensions. In doing so, she relates space and objects to the human body and mind. In her current works, she also transfers the principle of balancing reality and illusion to social and economic aspects, to her own work situation as an artist. Jennifer Clews graduated in 2013 from the Glasgow School of Arts in Scotland (Sculpture and Environmental Art), where she lives and works.

Jennifer Clews, Videoinstallation „circular plane from one point“, 2018 – Photos: Jennifer Clews

Sasha-Kurmaz Stipendiat 2022

Sasha Kurmaz (*1986 in Kiev) draws on political traditions and underground strategies in his works to appropriate urban space. In his works he explores the relationships between the individual, society and the state.
Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Sasha Kurmaz has not yet been able to take up his fellowship. Despite or because of this, his “Alarming Symphony”, which is composed of seven different alarm sounds, recorded in different Ukrainian cities, can be heard in the exhibition space once a day.
Sasha Kurmaz studied communications engineering and design in Kiev.

Sasha Kurmaz, State of Emergency, 2018, 4 channel HD video, 40 min – Photos: Jennifer Clews

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