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Presentation of audiovisual works on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

September 4, 2021 from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Fallow land Berliner Straße in Lauenburg/Elbe.

Participating former fellows:
Cheng-Wen Chen + Tobias Klich
Dagrun Hintze / Anna Lena Grau
Youssef Tabti / Alexander Häusser
Farzia Fallah
Noriko Kawakami
Fumiko Kikuchi
Sophia Mainka
Hanne Römer / .aufzeichnensysteme
Donny Karsadi
Heiko Wommelsdorf

On September 4, 2021, a program with 10 positions of former fellows from the fields of composition, literature and visual arts will be presented. The artistic works could be heard and seen on the fallow land Berliner Straße in Lauenburg.

Organized and curated by Benjamin Stumpf and Isabelle von Schilcher.


Libra, 2013, Composition and interpretation for a cymbal player by CHEN Chengwen, cinematic interpretation by Tobias Klich, 2014, 12:39 min.

CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich

Both were former fellows for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg.
CHEN Chengwen in 2015 and Tobias Klich in 2010.

Link zum Video

Quallen-Manöver, 2015, Spoken text on vinyl record, cover with adhesive sheet, 13:29 min.

Anna Lena Grau / Dagrun Hintze

Both were former fellows at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2015.
Anna Lena Grau for visual arts, Dagrun Hintze for literature.

Anna Lena Grau Website

Edvards Tag – Vom Warten auf den versprochenen Augenblick 2008, Sound piece, 09:45 min.

Youssef Tabti / Alexander Häusser

Both were scholarship holders for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2008.

Both were former fellows at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2008.
Youssef Tabti for visual arts, Alexander Häusser for literature.

Alexander Häusser Website

Youssef Tabti Website

Lalayi – ein Schlaflied für Sohrab, 2017, Composition for string trio Ensemble New Babylon (Johannes Haase, Hannah Craib, Marie Schmit)

Farzia Fallah

She was former fellow for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2019.

Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste

Johannes Haase, Violin
Alba González Becerra, Viola
Kyubin Hwang, Violoncello

Liverecording 5 March 2020

Noriko Kawakami

She was former fellow for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2011.

Link to composition

Noriko Kawakami Website

There are chickens in the garden, 2016, HD video, colour, sound, 1-channel video installation, 5:48 min, loop video and sound. Documentation: Meike Redeker, Agnese Kusnere Postproduction: Fumiko Kikuchi

Fumiko Kikuchi

She was former fellow for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2019.

Fumiko Kikuchi Website und Link to Video

Muschis und Englischer Rasen, 2019, video, 14:25 min., loop, created as part of the 2019 visual arts fellowship.

Sophia Mainka

She was former fellow for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2019.

Sophia Mainka Website

gelöscht (111 Kōan im Grünen) Text production in public space, 2018

Hanne Römer

She was former fellow for literature at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2018.

To Website

Audio piece:

Audio piece with picture:

Context audio piece:

Context audio piece (fellowship):

Donny Kasardi

Lauenburg-Klanginstallation, 2016

He was former fellow for composition at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2016.

Link to Sound-Installation

Donny Karsadi Website

Schritte, 2016, sound installation, 4 loudspeakers, playback technology, 01:14 min., installation in the exhibition Aus dem Nichts ins Glück, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, 2016

Heiko Wommelsdorf

He was former fellow for visual arts at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in 2011.

Heiko Wommelsdorf Website

To the Video

The event is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the program Kultursommer 2021 with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR.

Harald Popp, Revisit Lauenburg, 2019 – Photo: Harald Popp

Art in PUBLIC urban SPACE

In addition to exhibitions in the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and the adjacent Stadtgalerie, the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg hosts and organises various visual arts projects in public space.

The projects, productions and exhibitions are diverse, and many of these artistic works are developed for specific places in Lauenburg. Their common aspect is that, by locating them in public space, contemporary art becomes visible and directly tangible for passers-by. This direct participation in artistic activities and in the shaping of urban space invites residents to renew their engagement and identification with their own town.

1. Harald Popp, Revisit Lauenburg, 2019 – Photo: Harald Popp, 2. Lauenburg – Photo: Clemens Behr