Dialog & Handlung 02


Elternschaft in den Künsten – in und nach der Pandemie

Parenthood in the Arts – in and after the Pandemic

Public discussion
21 May 2023 – 3.00 p.m.
in the Stadtgalerie Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

Rani Le Prince, visual artist and co-founder kunst+kind berlin

Marcia Breuer, visual artist, founder “More Mothers for Art”
Lena Fließbach, freelance curator and author, board member SALOON Berlin
Lin Yang, Working fellowship with child
Erec Schumacher, Residency Fellowship Literature

Pandemic – and then?
With this question, the Künstlerhaus follows up on the first discussion event on the topic of “Parenthood in the Arts” in May 2022.
The Corona pandemic made the difficult social and economic situation of cultural workers even more apparent and showed how thin the ice of economic security is.

  • How did artists keep their heads above water during this time and what will happen afterwards?
  • What did the pandemic mean for the cultural sector, for parents, for all people with care responsibilities, and what did the period of lockdown show us?

In addition to all the difficulties, there were also positive experiences, insights and changes. For example, new women artists’ networks have been founded that are working for a fairer distribution of funding opportunities and more public presence for women’s art. And the guidelines of adequate payment for cultural, social and socially relevant tasks also became more public. But with what result?

For each individual, this time and the consequences of the pandemic were different. We live diversely in our society and our starting points are different.

  • How do we individually deal with these experiences of the last three years?
  • What possible roles can artists now take on with their art? How do artists’ parents see and position themselves in the discourse on the compatibility of motherhood and being an artist?
  • How can we succeed in dissolving the entrenched structural problems of hostility towards women, parents and children in the art world?

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