Fellowship holders 2023

Vorstellung Stipendiat*innen-Foto-Rougé-Reinsperger - Fensterbeschriftung

Introduction of the fellowship holders, 2023 – Photo: Rougé Reinsperger

Presentation of the
Fellowship holders 2023
and conversation

Anja Erdmann – Residence Fellowship Composition
Erec Schumacher – Residence Fellowship Literature
Johannes Weilandt – Residence Fellowship Visual Arts
Lin Yang, composer – Open work Fellowship for artists with children

Sunday, 25 June 2023
11.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Stadtgalerie Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

Welcoming Speech:
Ingrid Bussmann, 1. Chairwoman Künstlerhaus Lauenburg e.V.
Uta Röpcke, Member of the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament

Short artistic presentations of the fellowship holders in the Stadtgalerie Künstlerhaus Lauenburg. Followed by the presentation of the 2022 fellowship catalogue and an open discussion with the current fellowship holders.

Introduction of the fellowship holders, 2023 – Photo: Rougé Reinsperger


Art as Business & the Myth of Free Art – How do artists work, produce and live?

Guests: Anja Erdmann (composition residency), Rani Le Prince (visual artist), Johannes Weiland (visual arts residency) und Sven Christian Schuch (Artistic direction sp ce | Muthesius)
Moderation: Nina Venus, artist and curator

Final presentations
Fellowship holders 2023

Anja Erdmann, Erec Schumacher, Johannes Weilandt and Lin Yang

September 17th – October 8th 2023

Closing presentation of the fellowship holders, 2023; welcome by the city president Elif Karagöz – Photos: Dirk Eisermann

Concert and premiere by Lin Yang
at Maria-Magdalenen-Kirche Lauenburg

Recording from the final concert.
Lin Yang, 9:30 pm., Lullaby (2023)

Abschluss-Präsentation_Lin Yang-Konzert-Maria-Magdalenen-Kirche Lauenburg-2023

Final presentation of the fellowship holders, 2023; concert and world premiere by Lin Yang – Photo: Dirk Eisermann

Followed by a farewell ceremony for the fellows and presentation of the work gifts in the Künstlerhaus

Portraitfoto Ansgar Üffink SONATA mit VARGO Sonntag Nachmittag Tanz

Sunday afternoon dance
3.00–6.00 pm.


Portraitfoto Anja Erdmann – Residenzstipendium Komposition 2023

The sound and media artist Anja Erdmann (*1976) works multimedia with sound and light. Architectural and site-specific conditions are of interest to her for the design of her installations (made of sound sequences, light, shadows and moving objects). The composition scholarship holder will present her project MO LE FA SOL, which she will continue to work on during her residency scholarship, and present further acoustic impressions from her artistic practice. Anja Erdmann lives and works in Weimar, where she completed her master’s degree in 2014, specialising in sound art and electroacoustic sound design, at the Bauhaus University there.

Introduction of the fellowship holders, 2023 – Photo: Rougé Reinsperger

Portraitfoto Erec Schumacher – Residenzstipendium Literatur

Erec Schumacher (*1967 in Mölln), resident scholar for literature, works at the interface of poetry and visual art. His versatility is evident in the fields of visual poetry and image-text collages, but also in the areas of short prose and narrative. The author would like to take advantage of his stay at the Künstlerhaus to write prose essays on the history, places and landscapes of the Duchy of Lauenburg, based on childhood memories and his family history. Erec Schumacher lives in Berlin and has been active in the Berlin art and literature scene since 2012 as a co-founder and board member of various networks. He is co-organiser of reading series, events and much more, editor and author of anthologies, poetry videos, poetry volumes and chapbooks.

Introduction of the fellowship holders, 2023 – Photo: Rougé Reinsperger

Portraitfoto Johannes Weilandt – Residenzstipendium Bildende Kunst

During his stay in Lauenburg, Johannes Weilandt (*1991) develops serial drawings in which he deals with the connection between physical illnesses and social living conditions and at the same time illuminates the medical-historical and institutional view of the human body. For this purpose, the resident scholarship holder for visual arts is currently researching in the Medical History Museum of the UKE, in the Medical and Pharmaceutical History Collection of the University of Kiel, as well as in the city archives of Lauenburg. He focuses on sources that represent local-specific living conditions in the Elbe region, which was characterised by trade and industrial work. Johannes Weilandt completed his liberal arts studies at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin in 2022, where he also lives.

Portraitfoto Lin Yang, Komponistin – spartenoffenes Arbeitsstipendium für Künstler*innen mit Kind

The Chinese composer Lin Yang (1982 in Beijing) was selected for the working scholarship for artists with children. In her presentation, she takes the audience into the secret world of the unborn child. For example, she explores prenatal memories and the foetus’ perception of movement and sound. Her musical language is introspective and reserved, leaving room for her own interpretations. Lin Yang studied in Beijing, Freiburg and Cologne, where she also graduated. She has been living in Berlin as a freelance composer since 2014.


Who are the current fellowship holders and what are they working on? Information is available by phone. Call: +49 (0)4153 577140 – around the clock

For further information on the preliminary selection for the residency fellowship 2023 and the composition of the three expert juries, please click on the link below.

The fellowships are financed by funds from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.