Sound Parcours Lüneburg – Photos: Marita Landgraf



Auditory walk through the Kurpark in Lüneburg

16 October 2021 – January 2022

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The SOUND PARCOURS Lüneburg presents acoustic artistic works at 15 sound stations in the Kurpark. These sound collages and compositions have been developed on the basis of research and by collecting sound material by students of Leuphana University Lüneburg and Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel. The project “Sound in Transition” is a cooperation project of the “Offenes Atelier” at the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg with the Leuphana University Lüneburg and the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel. QR-codes at the sound stations make it possible to experience selected artistic works in the Kurpark.

In the summer semester 2021, the focus will be on field research, acoustic investigation on site and the transformation of found sounds. For the SOUND PARCOURS, artistic works by former scholarship holders from the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg will complement the selection of works presented.

The cross-university, interdisciplinary sound research project builds as a new project in the summer semester 2021 on existing collaborations of the Open Studio at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg with Leuphana University Lüneburg and Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel.

Concept / Project Management “Sound in Transition
Benjamin F. Stumpf, Head of Open Studio, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlers, Institute for Art, Music and their Mediation (IKMV) at Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Sven Lütgen, Centre for Media / Sound Studies / Intermedia at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Grossmann, Institute for Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media (ICAM) at Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Marita Landgraf, Artistic Director, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg
  • Isabelle von Schilcher, Deputy Artistic Director, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg
  • Students of Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Students of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel
  • Former fellows of the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

The project “Sound in Transition” is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. Further funding for the “Sound Parcours” is made possible by Leuphana University Lüneburg, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel, Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and Lüneburg Marketing GmbH.


The composition and sound research project Sound in Transition is based on an association of universities with cultural venues and functions as a digital artistic experimental laboratory in which audiovisual sound installations and compositions are created. The basic structure of the project is collective and democratic. The participants compose and improvise with each other, discuss and develop new audiovisual forms of design. In this way, the students gain access to improvisational and experimental forms of design in the artistic field in an aesthetically playful and exploratory manner and can gain experience with digital media as instruments and production tools. The project will culminate in a series of audiovisual events at 3 locations, in which digital and performative elements combine and address the boundaries between physical presence and absence.
Through listening, events, range, spaces, as well as their density, complexity and changeability are revealed to us in a special way. Based on the acoustic exploration of urban sound environments and the collection of sound material, sound compositions are to be conceived with students, which particularly focus on structures and changes of urban space. The focus will be on structures and changes in urban space. A new, process-oriented mediation format will be developed, which can also be implemented under pandemic conditions or location-independently and supra-regionally. The work process as well as the final audiovisual presentation forms focus on digital and media formats and link them in performances and temporary installations at the 3 locations Kiel, Lüneburg, Lauenburg. Central to this is the investigation of how digital and analog worlds are consciously combined and how aesthetic practices, forms, content can be developed as hybrid formats in the context of current media culture. In interaction with the architecture on site, moving, living spaces/formats are created in which the boundary between digital and non-digital becomes blurred. The project includes the theoretical fields of cultural, media and educational sciences, sound studies and mediation, as well as free art, guest contributions and a joint artistic-practical work. The exchange between the participants takes place on a digital platform developed within the project. The result is a digital network, an archive and a new kind of interactive collaboration.

Luigi Russolo (*1885, Portogruaro, Italien) and Udo Piatti with the invention „Intonarumori“

sound/idea (Distant Noise Edition), Sven Lüttgen, Hearing Group

Abend der Sirenen – New music and performance, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

Sound, Space, Motion. Designing Soundobjects and Installations, Prof. Rolf Großmann

Field recordings, Soundscape Lauenburg, workshop Offenes Atelier at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg in cooperation with Fritjof Mangerich

Performance, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Abend der Sirenen – New music and performance, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

Participating artists

Heiko Maschmann, lecturer „Performance, Musik und Notation“ at Muthesius-Kunsthochschule, Kiel, Ensemble Klangrauschen / Ensemble Reflexion K.
Sven Lütgen, Zentrum für Medien, Sound Studies / Intermedia und Raumstrategien, Muthesius-Kunsthochschule Kiel
Benjamin Stumpf, artist, coordination Offenes Atelier Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

Other participants:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Grossmann, Institut für Kultur und Ästhetik Digitaler Medien (ICAM), Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg
Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlers, Institut für Kunst, Musik und ihre Vermittlung (IKMV), Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg
Anne Steinhagen, lecturer Freie Kunst, Klasse für Medienkunst, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

The project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Schleswig-Holstein.

Sound research and composition at three institutions

Offene Atelier im Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, Leuphana Univ. Lüneburg and Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

You can find out more about the topic via the online platform which, as a “tool”, enables the interdisciplinary work of the institutions with the common topic of “sound research” and makes it presentable.