Throughout cultural institutions, creative studios, and academia, many graphic designers and creative makers use the same universal tools, which are considered the industry standard. These products, privately owned by large companies that answer to shareholders, are designed to always work seamlessly. Yet, many designers tend to underestimate the impact these proprietary tools have on their creative independence and practice as a whole.

This three-day workshop at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg brings together international graphic designers and experienced makers who are interested in engaging in critical conversations around tool ecologies. In an attempt to disrupt familiar workflows and challenge gridlocked design patterns, we will unpack our toolkits and carry out various “Unruly Repairs” on them. With a hands-on approach, we aim to tweak, modify, and repurpose our analog and digital tools before putting them back into practice. 

While operating in an ambiguous terrain, oscillating between art and visual communication, we aim to explore disobedient strategies and unconventional tools that intentionally create friction, cause discomfort, and foster the unexpected.

The workshop will be held in dialogue with the concurrent exhibition “Blurring the lines — Gestalterische Praxis zwischen Kunst und Visueller Kommunikation” at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, and engage in a dynamic interchange between creative practice, artistic expression and critical reflection.

Jian Haake is a graphic designer, experimental maker and educator. In 2017, she graduated from—and continued teaching at—the Master’s course in Communication Design at Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel. Coming from a background in bookmaking and printed matter, her practice is strongly influenced by this perspective, while shifting towards a more hybrid and open understanding of artistic publishing. In 2023, she graduated from a second Master’s course in Experimental Publishing at Piet Zwart Institute and is a founding member of the Rotterdam-based Blob Shop Collective . In her independent and collaborative works, as well as in her workshops and artistic research, Jian Haake establishes a making practice that cultivates unconventional frameworks and happy accidents.

Application: As places are limited we ask you to send a short application via email to Annika: dorau@kuenstlerhaus-lauenburg.de. The application should embody a short info on who you are and what you do (name, preferred pronouns, profession/practice), and a link to your portfolio website or 2 projects in a pdf. Deadline: 30.06.2024 


Do I have to live in Germany to apply? 
All applications from designers and creators are welcome. Please note, however, that the workshop takes place on site in Lauenburg. 

Where does the workshop take place? 
Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, Elbstraße 52/54, 21481 Lauenburg/ Elbe
How to reach us: Lauenburg railway station is easy to reach from Hamburg and Berlin. The walk from Lauenburg railway station to the Künstlerhaus through Elbstraße takes about 15-20 minutes.

How long does the workshop last? 
3 days, 15-17 July 2024, starting in the morning and ending in the early evening.

What language will be spoken during the workshop? 
The workshop will be held in English/German. However, if you speak another language, you are definitely welcome and we will find a solution.

Is the room barrier-free?
The workshop will take place at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg. If you have special needs regarding access, please contact us and we will find a way!

What equipment is available?
The workshop host Jian Haake and Künstlerhaus Lauenburg will provide all the necessary equipment. Of course, you are welcome to bring specific items that you are currently working on or would like to work with.

Do I have to pay for the registration and the workshop?
No, all selected participants can take part in the workshop free of charge. Please note that travel and accommodation costs as well as an expense allowance will not be paid. If you need help finding accommodation, please let us know!

Can I apply as a collective, group or organization? 
Yes, please name one applicant as the contact person. Include details of the collective in the application. Personal details for each member and provide exemplary documentation of your collective work in the portfolio. 

Note for participants with children:
Please contact us so that we can think about a childcare solution together.

Contact: E-mail for application and support dorau@kuenstlerhaus-lauenburg.de